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In Cusco you feel like dreaming,

although it's bright day an your eyes are open.

The reason for this is propably the unique mixture of the Inca culture, architecture and history with the colonial one, originating from the spanish conquerrors. With every breath in Cusco you inhalate this spirit, and even more concentrated at the typical markets. Cusco is definalely well worth a visit, that you won't forget immediatelly.

Cusco - Qosq'o in the Quechua language - also known as navel of the world or archaeological capital of South America was the capital of the Inca empire. There are plenty of inca ruins to visit in and around Cusco.

Cusco is a great starting point from which to explore the remains of the ancient Inca Empire. Within a day's journey are numerous Incan ruins, including the famous Machu Pichu and the Incan Trail. The city itself offers a variety of attractions and the majority of these are in walking distance from the main square. Cusco is often used as a place to acclimate to the altitude.

missing Another interresting task is to visit some native markets busy with the local people in there traditional dresses offering a variety of potatoes, beens and exotic fruits and vegetables you've never seen before. Looking at all this old type food of the incas, you feel like fallen back for centuries. There are also craftsmen repairing shoes as similar our ancestors did.

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For the sportsmen out there mountain climbing, river rafting and bungee jumping is on offer. Rafting trips run about three hours or all day. A full day trip should run US$25 per person. Inquire about the tours at the tour guides in Cusco.


Cusco is located at an altitude if 3400 meters. We recommend to give your body two days to acclimate, which means move slowly, drink a lot i.e mate de coca but little alcohol, eat light.


In Cusco as in the whole highland there are only two seasons. A dry season from April to September and a rainy season from Oktober to March. In the dry season there is a lot of sun, but can get cold around June. The rainy season is marked by a changing climat, but usually not cold. Most of the rain is falling in January and Febuary.
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