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Typical and exotic food in/around Cusco

In Cusco you find a wide selection of international and local dishes. Around the Plaza de Armas you find easily what ever taste you feel, from steak to italian, from chicken to pizza and so on.

If you look a bit closer however you find some really typical local specialities. Often a little bit offside some resaurants are grouped together and all of them provide an excellent local dish. And thats what we like to show you.


Chicharron (Pork Cracklings) in Saylla

After a 30 min drive in the direction to Puno you find a small village named Saylla. There is a group of restaurants which serve chicharron (soles). Chicharron are cubes of fried porc. It will be served with potatoes and onions and a spicy green paste. Just go there by taxi (soles), select the restaurant you like most and enjoy.


Cuyes (Guinea pig) in Tipon

A few minutes more along the same road is the small village of Tipon. It's famous for Guinea pics (soles) which are called Cuyes in Cusco. You can see them roasting in the pizza-type oven before order one. It's a good idea to ask the taxi driver to bring you there, wait for you and bring you back afterwards (soles), because otherwise the way back can get a bit difficult.


Lechon () in Huarocondo

On the way to Urubamba via Chinchero there is a small village named Huarocondo. The restaurants there serve an excellent baby pic (soles), the local name is lechon. It's 20 min by taxi (soles).


Caldo de Gallina (Chicken Soup) in Poroy

On the way to Urubamba via Chinchero there is the small village of Poroy. There are some restaurants that serve an excellent chicken soup (8 soles). Poroy is just a 15 min drive from Cusco by Taxi (10 soles).


Adobo in Street Ayacucho

A soup with pieces of pork, but with a very typical taste. You can get it in small restaurants, my favorite is



Pieces of fish or seafood just cooked by the acid of a lot of lemon juice. It is served with sweet potato, normal potato, corn, onion and served over a leaf of salad. Normally you eat it before lunch. With it's special taste you really have to try it.

Typical Restaurants in Cusco


Restaurante Quinta Eulalia

Choquechaca 384 - Telèfono 241380
Once you enter through the old entrance you find a restaurant on various levels. It's popular with locals and fits well for bigger groups. The interieur is quite simple. They provide typical dishes for about 15-20 soles that are always fresh made. This is also the reason why you have to wait a bit and sometimes some stuff is not available.
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Picanteria la Chomba

This place looks a bit dark. It's busy with the lower end of the working class. You shouldn't be too keen for cleanlyness, but you get full plates and it's definitely a interresting experiance.


Las Machitas

By taxi (soles) it takes about 10 minutes to get there. In this place you get the best seafood and fish and also the greatest selection in Cusco. If you like this kind of food this is your choice.
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Restaurant Polleria Etapoy

Av. de la Cultura C-17 Sta Mònica - Telèfono 243899
They have attractions for kids, so you can complete your meal without the usual disturbances. The food is ok.


Pollerìa Los Toldos

Calle Almagro 171 - Telèfono 229829
You get salad from the buffet and juicy chicken. Because of the big oven it has a comfortable temperature. Beware of the sangia which is awful and causes headache, take a beer instead.
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